Worst Pick Up Line in Logistics/3PL Sales Calls…

By Jamin Alvidrez

You hate to hear it. Yet, walk around the floor of most 3PL/Logistics Sales Floor and you will inevitably always hear “it.”


Yes, the worst pick up line in a sales call.

What does it even mean? What gives a person the right to ask that on an initial call? What does it accomplish? How does that do anything to assist the person you are speaking with? Who speaks that way in real life? All questions that race through my head when I hear it..

Unfortunately, this question is often taught as a great opening line in an initial conversation. Sad. But, sales training in the Logistics Industry is a whole different conversation we will save for another day.

What should a person ask or discuss on an initial call?

No matter what services your company provides, this principle holds true: Make the call about you giving them something. Bringing the prospect value.

When in real life do we meet someone and immediately ask a favor of them? Almost never. Yet, here we are just meeting someone and asking them to give us information as intimate as explaining details of their job with no clear benefit to them. Absurd.  

Rather, why not focus on providing and giving something of value to benefit them. Organically you will come to understand what “they do there” and how they do it and where you could fit in.

Lay the foundation for a relationship and trust along with the information you need to have a shot at the business will follow.

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