The Jukebox Never Lies, or if you are under fifty, Spotify gets a Supply Chain Playlist Vol 7

By Whit Welch

I love music. I can’t sing or dance, or even clap in time. The ability to make music is well beyond me. But I love it none the less.  I decided to build a playlist of music that in some way was reflective of the industry that I also love. Now I have spent the last twenty plus years moving freight across this country and when I tell you there are similarities between a song and the supply chain, you can believe it. I want to share this list with you, one hit at a time.

The Underdog

By Spoon

Spoon is an indie/alternative act out of Austin, TX. They have had a long, successful career as being almost, super popular. They are a band that is interesting, talented, and creative. At one point, when people used to have to pay for music, I would describe Spoon as a band that you could trust with your dollar. Their work was worth what you paid. This song may be their most commercially successful. I love the mix of percussion, horns, and acoustic guitars. The video is also fun.

The lyrics of this tune are so applicable to transportation. It issues a stark warning of the dangers of under estimating your situation and your competition, Complacency kills. Ignoring things you don’t understand and failing to learn from the people and the challenges around you are also fatal. Evolve as an individual and as a company and help others do the same.

Transportation and logistics love the underdog. Because our industry faces so many challenges and so much change on a regular basis, things like hustle, innovation, and communication matter. Those traits do not require large infrastructure, excess staffing, or even cutting-edge technology. A small group of people that care for their customers and themselves can still flourish. Underdogs are generally quiet, modest and blessed with helpful, positive attitude. Let’s all try and be more like that.

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