The Jukebox Never Lies, or if you are under fifty, Spotify gets a Supply Chain Playlist Vol 8

By Whit Welch

I love music. I can’t sing or dance, or even clap in time. The ability to make music is well beyond me. But I love it none the less.  I decided to build a playlist of music that in some way was reflective of the industry that I also love. Now I have spent the last twenty plus years moving freight across this country and when I tell you there are similarities between a song and the supply chain, you can believe it. I want to share this list with you, one hit at a time.

Stuck in the Middle With You

By Stealers Wheel

This week’s entry is from 1972, a folksy, soft rock classic by Stealers Wheel. The band was formed in Scotland and had an incredibly brief and stormy run as a pop music entity. This song was the title track of the bands first album. By the time this single hit the charts, the most famous member of the band, Gerry Rafferty, had already split. Stealers Wheel would stagger on for three years and release two more albums but would never find real success again. Stuck in the Middle With You continues to enjoy air time on Oldies and 70’s themed stations. It is a great reminder of what was so great about pop music in this era.

I read an article this week identifying some “incredible facts” regarding the transportation industry. The one that I found most interesting, although not surprising, was that the four administrators for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration had ZERO experience working in the trucking industry. That means that the crack team of professionals that are managing the laws and regulations that control trucking in America know almost nothing, in a practical sense, about trucking. Huh. Who thought that was a sound idea? Our government, that’s who. We also have to deal with our legislators setting and resetting hours of service, weight restrictions, and infrastructure shortcomings. When you consider all the challenges that transportation faces, amateurs setting the rules for trucking seems ridiculous. This situation reminded me of this week’s tune, and the frustrations we face in transportation. As the song says, “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

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