Share Your Truth to Help Others

By Jamin Alvidrez

Recently I watched an episode of David Letterman’s Netflix show “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” His guest was Jay Z. I would recommend you check it out.

I was inspired listening to Jay Z and Letterman talk about putting themselves “out there” and creating. Jay said some words that show the importance and unselfish nature of creating and sharing-paraphrased:

“…you have an obligation to share your experiences and your truth in case it can help someone else…”

This is so true. Everyone has valuable things to share with others. Especially professionally. All too often though something gets in the way of participating or sharing.

As I watched I applied this in my mind to participating on LinkedIn, Twitter or other social platforms. From a practical work related standpoint sharing positive truths and viewpoints, or experience are a great place to share and give back to “your followers.”

If the focus is solely on yourself it becomes too easy to pick apart anything you do and just not share. Yet, if you can focus on others and grasp that your specific story, truth, life experience can help you will find you become more bold. The more you participate and share you will become stronger and fulfilled.

Whether you share big personal truths or simple work related experiences and tips you have “something” that no one else has and others can benefit from: YOUR truths. YOUR experience. YOUR perspective. YOUR story.

Please, be vulnerable and trust that others will benefit from your gift of sharing. I know I can benefit from anything you can share. Professionally speaking you will get back tenfold what you “share.”

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