The Jukebox Never Lies, or if you are under fifty, Spotify gets a Supply Chain Playlist Vol 9

By Whit Welch

I love music. I can’t sing or dance, or even clap in time. The ability to make music is well beyond me. But I love it none the less.  I decided to build a playlist of music that in some way was reflective of the industry that I also love. Now I have spent the last twenty plus years moving freight across this country and when I tell you there are similarities between a song and the supply chain, you can believe it. I want to share this list with you, one hit at a time.

Spirits in the Material World

The Police

Volume #9 of this somewhat under appreciated series is an offering from The Police. Released in 1982 off the album Ghost in the Machine, this synth-rock, ska blend is the first song and as close as we get to a title track. Sting, who wrote and sang this hit, said he created this song on a handheld Casio keyboard while riding in a truck. The Police were at the height of their power here, and this album is packed with great songs. Is this the best Police album? I would say yes.

In the material world of transportation, spirits have become a hot topic. Recently the issue of ghosting has become more prominent. Ghosting is the practice of engaging on a professional level in some manner, and then disappearing. Depending on who you ask, this behavior has become more prevalent, especially among job candidates. A tight labor market is blamed for people saying one thing and then doing something else, while not saying anything else. To me, the reason this conduct is more in focus is because it has a cool new name. I have been in this business for a while and ghosting is not new. Formerly, those who choose to quit responding were not known as “ghosts”, they were known as “jerks’, “flakes”, or, in extreme circumstances, “unprofessional pricks”. I still prefer these titles, but I am old school. Response time is the number one indicator as to what sort of partner a person is going to be. If communication is the key, and it is, remember that you must communicate. If you cannot manage phone calls and emails, you can’t manage business.

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